3/5/17 Sunday/ easy day/ InBody

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Woke up about 630 feeling refreshed,

Weigh in 

Down 3 lbs

Plan for today

Spin – carol

Body Shred – Lisa


4 scrambled eggs




Worked hard really great class burned 614 calories.


Body Shred

Burned 310 calories good class.


Cool report by inbody

One of the great features that Tilton/Meridian Fitness centers have is a machine by InBody that does Body Composition Analysis.  It gives you a very detailed view of your body by several different categories Muscle-Fat Analysis, Obesity Analysis, Segmental Lean Analysis and a body composition history, BodyFat-lean Mass Control Basal Metabolic Rate.

This provides the individual a lot of information as well as a trainer.  They can see changes and know where some of your weaknesses are.  Trainers develop fitplans based on information gathered from the results and talkinf to their client.

I will provide a sample copy of one soon so everyone can get an idea what they look like.

In addition to the report InBody has an app that the client can put the results in and it will give an analysis and reports/charts on recomendations.

Remember every individual is different everything isnt only based on numbers.  The numbers are a guide.  Below is my report from the app on InBody it does not include the final information from the challenge as I forgot to ask Ann what my Skeletal Muscle mass and Percent Body Fat was.  My final weight for the challenge was 237.0

The only downside is the data has to be entered manually into the app the machine and app dont interact yet and the date format is not then typical US Format, it is yr month day format.

During the competition my total weight loss was 30.3 lbs in 53 days.  During weightloss each person’s results will differ based on their fitplan, eat habbits, workout regiment and how much they are willing to change.  Remember if you trier weightloss on your own and you didnt get the results you want talk to a fitness professional they have such a large tool box of resources, suggestions and ideas. Their goal is for you to be  successful in your fitness/weightloss goals. That doesnt mean its going to be easy fitness professionals can provide you with the tools and ways to change but if you dont utilize the tools/knowledge they give you and actually listen to them thing may not progress as you like.


Had small brush fire on side of parkway. Burned some calories


Total burned for day 3515

Total steps 5638