3/6/17 Monday/ forest fire to start day/

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Well glad I got a nap in yesterday.  I got woken up quite a but earlier then expected.  Was woken up at 3am for a brush fire at the ocean county fields in leh.  Lucky for us it happened in the middle of one of our rx burn areas.  The 10 acres was 30 acres.

Before 8am 3,181 steps and 932 calories burned.

The agenda for day

Body pump – ann

Urban kick – ann


1hr pt with ann (30 of stretching/ 30 reformer)


Do some work with nj forest fire service

Fit blast – Ann at 430.


Body pump – ann

Starting to feel tired 😔 add some additional weight during body pump did pretty well with it.


Urban kick – ann

Burned a lot of calories, if I was to guess would have guessed beat was set slightly higher then 150bps.

702 calories burned. My average hr was 128 max hr 173.


Pt session 

Started off with 30min of stretching, felt good.  Hoping this helps and breaks the hip flexor loose. Was able to feel a difference during the 2nd 1/2 on the reformerm. It seemed like I was able to straighten my knee further and longer when doing the reformer.


Fit blast – Ann at 430.

Well by this time i’m start to get exausted.  I fought through it to get through the workout.  Burned bout 5500calories.  This a littke less then normal and I think its from lack of sleep and being awake all day. Max hr 150 avh hr 125

Plan for tomorrow

Spin – Ann

Thinking about fitness yoga – jason

Body Shred – mike p