3/12/17 / Sunday/ Almost at Goal 1

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Didn’t sleep so well last night didn’t really help had to push the clock ahead an hour so lost an hour of sleep.

Weigh In 

235.7 I am .7 lbs from my initial goal probably within the next 48hrs I will hit goal number 1.  Then moving onto goal number two 200lbs or less so 35lbs left to loose.


4 eggs and 1/25 cup of oats


Plan for the day 

Spin – Carol

Shred – Combat Lisa


Training This week

Looks like I am going to be able to get all of my trianing in because of the pending snow looks like I will be canceled all week from the track not officially yet but it’s way too cold for race cars and the pending snow of many inches


Good spin class burned 450 calories



It was an ok workout. Burned 250 calories



Salmon, small baked potato, small salad dry, corn on cob, water to drink.


Food Shopping

Well lesson learned never go shopping on Sunday especially the night before a snow storm. BJ’s was hell not to mention I prefer Saturday nights not a lot of people, no samples sundays they have samplesnin every damn isle. All I had to get was eggs, rice, mrs dash seasoning. Took me over 2hrs to get out of there.

Educate my parents

Well before I went shopping my mom txted me to pickup salsa sauce for my chicken.  I let her know dont want to use that because it has 200mg of salt per tsp.  I bought fresh salsa that wasnt sauce type only had 20mg of salt.  My mom said see if they make an organic version.  I took the opportunity to use as teaching moment. To explain that organic doesnt mean healthy.  I used Ann’s example of organic cookies that organic means no pesticides on food organic doesnt alwayw mean healthy that you have to read labels. I bought mrs dash seasoning so there was no salt to the spices.


Organic peanutbutter and 100 cal pack of almonds

Worked on some emails and di studying for nutrition cert.


Sent Bianca some info and recipes that myfitness pal had for snacks and food under 300 calories as well as meal planning.



Baked chicken rice fresh salsa cup of mixed fresh veg.

Plan for tomorrow

Body pump – Warrior Princess

Urban kick w/abs – Warrior Princess

Pt session  stretching / Reformer – Warrior Princess

Boot camp – Major Megan

Teach cpr