3/14/17 / Tuesday/ Pain in Ass

blog status – In -progress

Well woke up this morning and my ass hurts. pretty sure it’s from Megan.

PT Ann

Had a session with Ann this morning before spin.  We did an upper body/lifting session.  That felt great we did numerous exercises I am about a day behind in the blog so I don’t remember all of the exercises.  It Felt great even though ass hurt.


Ass still hurting decided to group txt Ann and Megan to let Major Megan know my Ass hurt. Spin was great burned 605 calories felt great afterwards.

Pt Dana

Did session with Dana lower body (what was i thinking asking to do lower body?)  When I asked Dana if we could do lower body I forgot that involved my Ass.  The irony of this whole thing is about two weeks ago she was moving slow then normal and I was breaking her balls because she had did a legs and arms and was very sore.  Well she got even and enjoy laughing watching me feel the workout from yesterday and being sore.  She reminded me “this was your idea to do legs”  boy I wasn’t thinking.  Did well, did more squats and lunges as well they are getting better.  At the end we did a HIIT (high intensity interal training) involving squats throwing ball against wall, ball slams, and running with weighed sand bag.  She told me to aim higher when throwing the ball against wall.  Well I did and lets just say Blair ended up on a ladder fixing the vent system because I knocked out the tile grate for the HVAC.