3/21/17 / Tuesday/light day/ pain in ass/myzone

Got up this morning called in for spin class at 5am.


4 scrambled eggs 1/2 cup oats


The agenda today

Spin class – anetta (ann sub)

Pt session – Christine

My ass hurts – megan

Working tonight at track

Broke a record


Time to get day started


Spin class – anetta (ann sub)

Good spin class, had fun did something a” little different” in spin class not my fav move.  Burned 762 calories got a good sweat.  There was a nice turn out


Pt session – Christine

Had a tiring training session.  Did boxing, mixed with burpees and an assortment of variations of punches.  At the end she did part of her new cx works class workout with me wow holy abs.

My Zone


Had a short discussion with lisa and christine about the myzone app and device that Tilton/ Meridian fitness centers are putting monitors up for.  I watched the YouTube video and thought my watch does same thing.  When talking with both of them they said  its muvh more accurate then the watch because watch measure via vein the myzone device measures right f4om the chest.  They did a demo Christine trains lisa in boxing lisa turned on app put phone against wall so christine could can see.  Since Christine can see actively what level she is at she can push her harder and or know when a rest maybe needed.  They both highly encouraged me getting one.  Its another tool that trainers and I can utilize during workouts.  With my watch i cant actively see my zones only after the workout.  Im thinking about getting one.  Right now can purchase through gym website above for 50.00 off.


My ass hurts (megan/ann)

Ok this now 2 weeks in a row that my ass hurts after urban kick (annl and megan.  Well they what doesnt kill you makes you stronger.

Im starting to think about naming mondays as pain in ass day because I seem to always have ass pain on tuesday from my monday workouts mainly ann and megan.

Working tonight at track

Got my bag packed for tonight, 2 gallon water jug brought my dinner. Some people that havent saw me since November were quite shocked at my weight loss.

One of the girls asked me if I would help her with some weight loss she had heard I was taking some classes on nutrition and wants me to see if I can assist her.

Broke a new record

Well I went an entire 5 daya without stepping on a scale or weighing myself.  That well is quite an accomplishment and wasnt easy

Total calories burned today

Inactive 2110

Active 1846

Total 3755

Total steps 11,039