1/3/17 got a food lecture

Crappy morning to start

Morning started off kinda crappy.  Went down to galloway for spin with Ann, and saw her and she did you pre-register i said no y, its never full.  She said it’s January so fml.  For those not familar January and February is New Years Resolution months anyone and everyone signs up for the gym and takes as many classes as they can and within the next 90 days the gym tends to slown down.    There was about 1/2 dozen regular  spinners that made the same oops.  Instead did cardio equip and burned 900 calories.  Nothing can compare to  class  but got a workout in before a training session

Training session / lecture

Had a training session with Christine, felt great afterwards.  Had so frustration and anger that I needed to get out and boxing is a great way to do that.  I got the evil eye lids when asked what u ate today.  Had 4 hard boillled eggs after and 2 bananas after my cardio workout.  The lecture/eveil eyes was because I should have eaten before the workout. We took a pic of the shorts i referred to yesterday two of my legs fit into one leg.

Feels amazing to see this picture. Show when you work hard it does pay off, not saying it was easy but well worth it. Remember Rome was built in a day.  Christine and I were talking about the strugle it was to get me to be compliant with diet and excercise. She was so patient with me because I was so stubborn.  The history and training progress will be going up on the site soon.  Getting help from some of my fav people to help remind me how things went and the progress/setbacks (there was several)

Remembering to eat

As you saw in the beginning of the post got lecture on eating.  The weird feeling is before I started and even the begining months I wasnt compliant with diet I used to eat just because.  I always found a reason to be eating and now well I have tk remember to eat and to eat enough.  Now that my stomach has shrunk i tend not to eat as much as i should.  The growing pains of weight loss.


It still amazes me at even this far into my weightloss I still have people in my life that are in disbelief of my hardwork, and that hurts.  I have worked so hard and i get tols there is no way …. (you fill in the wording.)  It would be nice if they actually recognized my hard work in a positive light but as they say.  Your damn’d when you do and your damn’d when you don’t.