3/18/17 / Saturday/ great day

Today is a great day


Wokeup did Spin with Ann got a great workout in.  Moment of the day about 5 min after Ann turned the fans on little more then 1/2 way through someone asked can you turn the fans on.

After Spin I decided to take a ride manahwkin and do Christine’s tabata workout.  I havent done a tabata workout from Christine in a while.  It was a really good workout, I jokingly said I am going to go eat and take a nap.  I went home ate and well fell asleep for 3 hours unintentionally.

Squared away plans for tomorrow night.  I am taking Ann, Megan, Kathleen and Ann’s mom out for dinner to thank them for all of their help over the past several months to get me to where I am.  I got my google translator for Ann’s mom 😉 since Ann said we need to quickly learn Estonia so I got an app for that.


Heard back from Juli from Tilton Fitness.  I wrote a letter of thank you about all of the wonderful friends that have helped me a long my journey.


Conversation w/ Christine and Todd

When Christine was working tonight the 3 of us we were talking and Christine was telling Todd that I have nicknames for everyone and ringtones to go with them.  Todd said you have way too much time on your hands.  The reason I have created Nick Names and ringtones that talks about something personal is because I learned something many years ago if you make work like fun you will never work a day in your life.  Well words cant describe my true experience that I have had with everyone let me be completly honest these woman over the last 14 months have put me through hell and it is and was a goos hell.  I needed to find a way to make it fun as well as a personl connection.  I know what needed to be done in order for me to succeed with my goals.  Yes these women are human but if you think they let me slack off ha yeah there wasnt a chance that they were allowing that to  happen.  Its funny Christine asked me today during Tabata what does Ann do if you quit since if you mess up stations its either pushups or burpees.  I just laughed and started working harder. I got the hint 😆😆 the   power of words. 😉😉


Sappy moment

Ok going to have a sappy moment.  I was listening to music tonight and some songs came on that reminded me of everyone at the gym.