3/19/17 / Sunday/ Amazing Night

I am going to keep it short and sweet.  I had an EMT Refresher course today but nothing really worth writing about.

My Amazing Night

I got to spend an amazing night with 3 friends and 1 new one, (Ann’s Mom)


Left to Right

Ann (Warrior Princess), Me, Megan (Magic/Major Megan), Kat (nick name  creation in progress)

Not pictured (Ann’s Mom)

Calorie Counting

no calories counting tonight, besides it’s not cheating when your trainers are invited and joined in on the Food and Cake


Plan for tomorrow

Have to work my ass off for the lamb, and other wonderful food that we ate.  Btw this will be the first time that Ann can say work like you ate cake last night and I actually did eat cake hehe

Spin – Manahawkin – Spin Lisa

Body Pump – Ann

Urban Kick – Ann


PT Session – Ann

Double Small Group Session with Major Megan

I think after this I might be ok lol