3/27/17 / Monday/ strange day/ MyZone/ New nicknames

Well my schedule is all out of wack.  Got up for 6am spin with Spin Lisa in Manahawkin had great workout.


Today is the first day I am using the myzone device with trainers and group ex instructors.  I like it so far only thing im not very fond of the the awkwardness of the strap.  I will not pay $100.00 for a shirt that has the sensor built inside.

I got a really great workout in on the spin bike with it. I do notice I try to push myself just a little bit harder to raise the percentage when the instructors are saying push a little more.  It gives me a goal to try to achieve as I am taking the class



I am doing a little bit bigger of a breakfast since it is a Megan day and I have no idea what’s in store for me today.

6 scrambled eggs

1/2 cup of oats


3 strawberries


Normally after breakfast I would be getting ready for body combat and urban kick but Megan asked if I minded if we started earlier then my usual time with Ann.  I said sure why not then she will get me pretty fresh without being tired before hand.


Pt Session w/Megan

Started out with a 30min stretch session, she prefaced the session with I don’t do stretches as good as Ann does.  I was just happy someone was willing to stretch me lets be honest even with all of the weight I lost i’m still not easy to stretch even the warrior princess breaks out into a sweat on occasion while stretching me lol her words not mine.  After we did the stretching we actually did the stretching outside of the spin studio so we could listen to Carol’s music.   Part of me was wondering how many people actually took body pump because Carol’s spin class was completly full and it looked like 1/2 of the bodypump/urban kickers were in there.  When I saw Jen’s small group there was several more from bodypump/urbankick.  After Megan stretched me we grabbed a weight and did some exercises outside, Megan asked if I was taking her 330 and the 430 class (megan is covering for Ann’s 430 class.)  I told her yes I was, it appeared she went a little easy on me my thoughts are she is probably going to kick my ass this afternoon it was good workout until she started to melt from the light sprinkles here and there so we went inside so I didn’t have to explain why my trainers melted outside.


New Nick Names


Carol- “Karoke Carol”

those that have never taken a Karole Carol Spin class with her she plays great music and expects everyone to get involved.   While she is doing the spin workout during chorus lines she will lower the music and expect the group to sing parts of the chorus line.  It makes it different and unique in a good way.  Carol is full of energy and her classes are great, I take her class on Sunday mornings when I don’t have to work.

Erin – “Dancing Queen”

Erin is a personal trainer and group ex instructor that is beyond amazing at teaching zumba.  As it was put over the weekend when she moves certain ways it’s like parts are actually detached from her.  Erin also teaches Shred, I take the Shred often with Erin I really enjoy it.  The zumba it’s a great class but I have two left feet dancing isn’t really good just yet.


I am still working Kat’s nickname i’m pretty sure I have one that fits with a ring tone but want to do some more thinking first.

Lunch Time

I did a bigger lunch then normal because of this afternoon, I am sure that Megan will have a the back to back workout from hell.

4 oz grilled salmon

small baked potato

1/2 cup vegetables

Took small nap

Major Megan x2 

Major Megan didn’t let me down small group number 1, “Boot Camp” was intense great workout kicked my ass, according to my myzone when I was looking up at it was above 90% so I was happy getting my ass kicked.  She was liking my squats and wanted lots of credit for that one.  The fun part about the trainers and the group ex instructors is their competitiveness within each other.  I personally like it, makes for an enjoyable workout and well I have a habit of putting gas on sparks and making the flames burn a little hotter to have fun with the trainers as well.

 We had pretty good turn out for the 430 class there was 5 of us the weather got nicer and Megan wasn’t going to melt so we went back outside.  One of the things I appreciate about Megan is honesty and assertiveness.  I enjoyed this class especially when she made a pretty good attempt at the Ann quote “YES YES??” we all get a laugh about it but we all find ouselves doing it even when not in her class.  Joelle who is a group ex instructor that teaches Spin finds herself doing it in her classes,  Megan opted to take a video of her teaching doing the yes yes and posting it on social media for Ann to see.  Megan was truly trying to duplicate her in a good way.

Almost thought about another class

One of the people taking Ann’s 430 class asked if I was taking Jen’s class and I asked her what type of class it was. She said it is 1/2 boxing and 1/2 workout type I was on the ege and realized I am just too tired.  I would have needed to eat more food to make it through another workout. I opted to go home shower and relaxe.


Had a small dinner, 5 ox grilled chicken 1/2 cup rice and 1/2 cup of mixed veg.

Good txt conversation

I had a really nice txt conversation with a friend that is experiencing some life challenges.  There is one thing that I firmly believe in which is one person can make a difference in someone’s life.   You never truly know what kinda of day someone is having,  Carol says it in her spin classes do something nice for someone.  How true it is,  I was asked few years ago during a conference in a class if you could have any super power in the word what would it be.  I answered to be able to heal the world of all of hate and trouble.  I truly wish I could make everyone happy, I do my best each day to try to improve someone’s day and make them smile.  This friend made me smile as well.