4/1/17 Saturday/ Quotes on my mind / march report of myzone

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Woke up super early like 5am couldn’t sleep felt very refreshed after my Magic Megan afternoon.


March Report for Myzone calorie and effort

Myzone march report  (keep in mind i only have the device under 5 days)


Quotes on my mind

When I took the Urban Kick instructor course there was some quotes that Shane Bernanrd  the owner and found of Urban Kick talked about that hit me.

“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.”
~Arthur Ashe


“Never judge a participant for the effort they put forth.
Our role is to educate, support and appreciate their participation. Be
thankful they took the time to spend their workout in your class. Never
judge someone for not doing the workout YOU think they should do.”


“Remind your class that exercise is not a ‘one size fits all’ activity!
They should push at their pace and it is our role as instructors to safely
challenge them.”


First of all Shane is an Amazing instructor,  my biggest fear was hearing the war stories of trainers that have taken Les Mills and other national certification courses at what hell they are.  Shane’s approach to teaching and fitness is an amazing one.  The design of urban kick is unique in the way that most program offer “modifications” which makes it seem that you can’t do the format as designed and you need a fix to make it work for you.  Shane’s program is designed in a progressive manor in the way that everyone starts at the same level and as the program/exercise goes on people can elect to push harder by trying some the more challenging moves without the pressure of having to feel that you failed or couldn’t do something.


Plan for today 

Spin- Ann (Warrior Princess)

Working at Atco Dragway


My workout changes since myzone

I used to think my workouts were pretty challenging before I started using the myzone but things have been turned up since the use of it.  Like I said in previous post it provides a lot of information for trainers on the exercise that I am doing as well as how I react to the classes that they teach.  I am being pushed to work harder which I enjoy getting that extra push and working to my potential.



5 scrambled eggs, 1/2 cup oats


When Ann walked in she mentioned oh your in the front now.  I said to her I at least need to be able to see the tablet and i figured your going to want to be able to see it.  She said good thinking,  Spin was amazing burned over 1k calories got a ranking for the  overall workout of 80%. (yellow)

The Report Generated by MyZone  4-1-17 spin – Warrior Princess “Ann”



Larry using his MyZone! Ask the front desk for details!

Posted by Tilton Fitness ~ Galloway on Saturday, April 1, 2017





Work got canceled due to the high volume of water and the track not being able to safely dried for the races today


Tabata in MH – Christine “Rocky”

Did a tabata class in manahawkin about an hour later after spin.  Christine was utilizing her myzone as well, I noticed that our numbers were pretty close to each each other throughout the class.

4-1-17 tabata – Rocky “Christine”


5oz salmon

side salad

small baked potato

1 cup mixed vegetables


More MyZone Info.

When I buy things I do research before and after I make the purchase so that I can get the most amount of use and benefits regarding it.    Below is a link to a myzone blog that has useful information for individuals as well as trainers on creating workouts around the use of the myzone.  I also posted info on their youtube channel.

Myzone Blog


MyZone youTube channel





My afternoon

Well had some plans on doing some office work,  it is 830pm that intention was around 2pm but well I am just waking up.  I ended up falling asleep from my workouts this morning.

Life in general has it’s up’s and downs but always remember this