4/2/17 / Sunday/ Jet Car at work/ food struggle at work /screwed up

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Well surprisingly I was actually able to sleep last night even after my long nap which was more like a night of sleep lol.

The plan was to wakeup at 545 and get to the gym before work, to at least run or do some type of cardio.  Well that backfired looks like I will be going to the gym after work tonight.


Plan for the day 

Working at Atco Dragway


Meal Prep


Working at Atco Dragway

For those not familiar besides going to the gym one of my favorite jobs is working at the race track.  I work at Atco Dragway in charge of Motorsports Rescue Team.  We provide fire ems and rescue services to drivers and fans watching our events.  Today we have imports they are typically known for leeks spills and crashes (one of my actual have to do work days.)  These cars do between 140 and 180mph in 1/4 mile.

This is what we do, talks about safety crew and there are some other video that show track incidents (none are fatal)


Safety Safari Video Below



Jet Car

The Al Hanna Racing team is here today I believe the car they have today is Queen of Diamonds II Jet Dragater driven by 24yr old Sarah Edwards.


The average speed is between 300 and 325mph in a 1/4mile.


Boredom Eating at work 😔

One of the things I am finding is that while at work at bored I have urges to want to eat and it sucks.  I wish I had a job that was more active and I was moving more.  The wanting to eat because i’m bored sucks but I cant give in.









Messed up

Well I need to come up with a healthy sweet treat for when at work.  I screwed up and had a









I will be hitting the gym for sure tonight.  Its not often I give in but I did 😔.  Good  thing I will be doing spin lisa’s class in the am and Ann’s spin tomorrow night should make up for it.  Things happen people are human.  I just need to make sure it doesnt happen too often.

I made it to the gym

Well I made it to the gym.  I want to burn most calories so why not do what I love 2nd best.  Spinning, according to the myzone my effort went up from 80 percent to 82 percent.  Im starting to motivate myself 😆.   I burned off the candy bar that i messed on meal plan with plus more calories.

Report from myzone on the workout    4-2-17 spin- larry self spin


Meal Prep time

Meal prep all complete for the week everything in containers all set for chef Mic (microwave)


Plan for tomorrow

Spin with Spin Lisa in MH at 6am

Work at the track

Spin with the Warrior Princess at 6:15pm