4/5/17 / Wednesday /

Had some trouble sleeping, had the whole abs thing on my mind.  Woke up nice and early for my morning spin in MH with ” Spin Lisa”

Breakfast will be after spin

Spin – “spin lisa”

I called into spin around 5am for Manahawkin then called down to galloway for Pedal Fusion at 930am and 530pm.  Lots of phone calls before 6am.

Got everything setup on my bike and “spin lisa” said hope you dont mind that I stare down at your myzone.  I said go ahead, I told her about the first time ibwas discrete with the tablet in galloway and got a little pressure to be sure i got my heart rate up because Ann put it up in front of room.   When I first started at both gyms I used to be semi shy and tried to hide in back lets just say certain instructors have brought me out of my shell.

The spin class went very well, I was in high yellow or red for most of the ride.  Lisa’s Wednesday morning class is a HIIT (high intensity interval training) class.  At the end I showed her the results she said looks very good you were around 89 percent most of the ride.   I told her yes that is ride number 1 for the day I told her I have two more to go.  I explained how the 3 spin classes are different.  She asked if she could see how my numbers for the other spin classes.  I showed her the Saturday class that I did with which had a total rating of 80%.  Lotsnof yellow and red, Lisa asked how she gets my effort so high.  I told her there is no slacking in the “warrior princess” classes.  I told her on the things that Ann (warrior princess) os known for is challenging workouts and she pushes everyone to potential.

Breakfast time

6 small scrambled eggs

Pedal fusion (spin/abs)

Great class find myself a little slower but i just did a hiit like 2hrs ago.  It is 30 spin and 30 abs, my abs were sore during class.  Ann (warrior princess)  we had fun. Lets just say I am balance challenged


Break before Pt session Ann

After finished pedal fusion had a nice earned shower and a break.  After my shower was studying for my Ace nutrition certification before my session with Ann.

PT Session Warrior Princess

Well has been a while but here she.is again.











Statement of morning during reformer I said it hurts Warrior Princess Response does this face look like I care.  The hips really suck until this hip flexor releases especially on the reformer.



Urban kick – Warrior Princess

Urban kick was great burt lots of calories felt great afterwards.  Starting to feel tired been a long day. Have two more classes to go.


Pedal Fusion pm – Warrior Princess

Well this class is a tough only had 15min break after urban kick.  During my workout got called out for being green on the myzone when I should have been yellow.  To give you an idea on the zones.  Red is 90 and above, yelllow is 80 – 89, green is 70 – 79, blue is 60 – 69, grey is 50 – 59.  Well that pushed me remained yellow rest of class got to red few times.

Fitness Yoga – Sandy

Well Sandy has joined the club of when larry isnt getting low enough time to call him out.  She fits right in with everyone else 😊  I wasnt getting low enough and she kept saying lower with a small hint to me haha.  When instructor call me out its not a bad thing.  First of all you have to realize there is a friendly relationship between us all and sometime people like myself need some hints to push further.  I am finding that yoga is getting easier.  Dont take that the wront way it is still challenging but some moves are becoming a little easier to maneuver.