3/29/17/ Wednesday/amazing 6am spin/


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Wokeup for 6am spin with spin lisa in mh.  Ate a good breakfast 5 eggs and oats.

Mh spin – spin lisa

Had an amazing spin class.  Spent 20min in yellow zone and 25 red zone.  Really great workout.

About min into the workout lisa asked are we in red yet? At that point was yellow flirting red.

At the end of the workout spin lisa asked how it was.  She commented that she noticed me looking at my phone on monday and thought something was up work wise but had heard later people talking about the myzone.

Spin Lisa also mentioned that she noticed me working harder and not backing off the tension as much.  See even when you dont think they notice they notice.


Spin lisa class 6a

Kat’s nickname

As most of you have noticed i got nicknames to my trainers and instructors.  Didnt have one for kat but after the other day she has hers.

Kat nick name is “Angle Eyes”



It is a beautiful day at the race track,




  1. Well after yesterday I am sore as fuck.  I need a warrior princess stretch and magic megan massage. Between megan and dana yesterday lets just say my muscles are awake.


Pm spin – Anetta

Well I think that it is safe to assume that Kat’s Urban Kick Ass class must have kicked everyone’s ass because there was only like six of us in spin.  I couldn’t make Kat’s class because unfortunately work can’t always be scheduled around gym time.   Had a realy good spin class, burned a lot of calories.  For the abs protion I will never ever bitch about the exercise that Ann has us to because omg my abs hurt from Anetta’s Abs.



Fitness Yoga- Sandy

Had really good yoga class, we did a lot of moves that worked the hip flexor and hip in general.  I was able to do a move that I didn’t expect to be able to do.  I think all of the work on the hip flexors is starting to break them loose.   One of things ann has been doing is a lot of intense workouts on opening the hips with the reformer as well as the manual stretching is starting to show and help.  Sandy if you are reading this do me a favor shoot me an email under the contact button wanted to ask you something but forgot in class today.



One of my Favorite Bands

One day I will actually get to watch them in concert in person.  I have met many singers artist and bands throughout my emergency services career but there is one band I’d love to go see and that is the Red Hot Chilli Pipers.  Below is two of their you tube video’s.  I think it amazing how bag rock sounds.